The Fault Tolerant Satellite Computer Organization
  • Industries


    We offer avionics, computer modules, and interconnect products for controlling spacecraft, as well as all necessary supplementary development tools needed by clients. Fox2Space also offers design services for space projects, and can custom-tailor highly redundant, fault-tolerant solutions for most critical and extreme applications. We can also act as OEM/ODM partner or IP-licensor.

  • Technologies


    Our founders invented a series of fundamentally new technologies which make it possible to achieve strong fault-tolerance and a high degree of redundancy for missions with an extended duration, using only widely available COTS components. In contrast to existing avionics, our technologies allow electronics to behave like biological, organic systems; instead of failing, they age…

  • About Us

    About Us

    In 2020, Fox2Space was founded by experts in electronics reliability, fault tolerance, security, and small satellite development. We protect a broad variety of systems in critical environments: power plants, naval/maritime, automotive, atmospheric aerospace, and systems that assure security, integrity, or serve as root-of-trust. Fox2Space services its customers across the world.