Our founders invented a series of fundamentally new technologies which make it possible to achieve strong fault-tolerance and a high degree of redundancy for missions with an extended duration, using only widely available COTS components. In contrast to existing avionics, our technologies allow electronics to behave like biological, organic systems; instead of failing, they age and degrade in performance to tolerate faults. These are constructed from independent, autonomously operating cells that cooperate and interact to check and test each other. Cell can repair each other and replace incorrectly behaving ones. This allows Fox2Space-protected solutions to not simply fail, but to instead gradually age and degrade like biological systems, when they suffer damage.

We avoid single-points of failure, and have a specific design-lifetime, as the capabilities to age can be set by the customer to protect a spacecraft throughout its entire mission. They can scale to protect even very small spacecraft such as small Nanosatellites and CubeSats, but can much more efficiently protect systems, such as those used aboard critical telecommunication satellites, long-term deep-space exploration, and missions to Moon and Mars. Our solutions to be upgraded and adapted seamlessly mid-mission, or retrofitted with new functionality.